Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life Lately...

My blogging skills have been sub-par for the last month or so... Been a bit busy, but here is how life has been lately:

We moved into our new apartment!!

Credit to Erika Sanborn for the great new arrangement!!

We adopted a new puppy...Chiquita Nelson. Our cute, furry Havanese! She is the sweetest little pup...! Yes, her name is Chiquita, like the banana... As a friend said, it is maybe because she is spoiled like a rotten banana...I can't deny the spoiled part! But can you blame me? Look at her!
The one and only Chiquita Nelson :)

Jon headed to Jamaica for the summer. He will be leading 5 mission trips throughout June and July. I am missing him lots, but at peace knowing that if giving my husband up for two months means kingdom growth...hands down it's worth it! Check out how he is doing at !!

-love this picture! Taken in Jamaica last summer-

Had some of my sweet, kindred-spirit girl-friends, and my favorite babies come for a visit to Tulsa and to keep me company!

Love being goofy with this girl!

Soaking up the sun!!
Love seeing mama Sarah in action...she is such a great mom!

Summer is off to a great start!! Other than all this, I have been busy at work in the ER, almost done with orientation and scheduled to start on my own in the beginning of July. I am starting to get the hang of the ER routine and learning LOTS!

It is surely a different kind of summer for me...being away from home for the very first time, having Jon gone, and not traveling to do missions (for the first time since 7th grade!!)... Change is sometimes hard, but I am realizing that it is good too. We are blessed <3 Praise God!